Town of Milan Monthly Meeting Minutes, October 12, 2020

Meeting called to order by Deborah Shumate, Council President, on Monday October 12, 2020 at 6:30pm. All Council members present. All Present joined in giving the pledge of Allegiance.

2021 Budget Adoption meeting was held. Mark Marsee made motion to adopt budget and Drew Olman seconded. All ayes. Budget adopted.

Minutes of September 14, 2020 were presented. There being no correction to said minutes, Drew made motion to approve, Mark seconded. All ayes.

Claims/Financials/Payroll: After review of the bills/claims/payroll were presented, motion to accept and pay made by Drew, seconded by Mark. All Ayes. Motion carried

Town Manager's Report: Same presented by John Ingram, Town Manager.

Town Marshall's Report: Same presented by Phillip Wilson, Town Marshall

Milan Park Board Report: Report given by Joyce Call.

Concerns/Comments from the public:

Holly Rosenbarger addressed Council concerning the speeding and reckless driving on N. Country Club Dr. She asked if signs could be put up to deter this taking place or maybe more police presence. Debby asked Officer Wilson if he could check up on this matter and try to help with the problem.

Old Business:

Due to the guidelines suggested by the Ripley Co. Health Dept., further discussion by the Council occurred concerning Trick-or-Treat. It was decided to extend the hours to help with social distancing and adhere to the guidelines. Hours were extended to 3-6 by a motion from Mark and seconded by Drew. All ayes.

Pay approval for Globe Asphalt (Payment #1) was approved by a motion from Drew and a second by Mark. All ayes. Town's 25% will come from MVH restricted fund and the remaining balance will come from Edit fund.

Payment to the Town of Osgood for jetting and camera work was presented to Council to determine how to pay. John suggested sending it to Holman's. Council agreed. Bill is to be sent to Holman's.

Jane Vinup asked Council, on behalf of the Christmas Walk Committee, for the Town to rent the stage from the Ripley County Parks. Cost for this will be $250.00 and Liability Insurance for the Town must be provided. Mark made motion to proceed with renting and pay from River Boat fund, Drew seconded. All ayes. Clerk is instructed to contact Ripley County Parks Dept and procure stage for the Christmas Walk.

Mary McCarty presented Public Hearing on Utility Study. $90,000.00 would be granted to study the Town's sewer and water utilities to determine future needed repairs and projects. She presented a Resolution and an Ordinance. Mark made motion to proceed under Suspension of Rule, Drew seconded. All ayes. Mark made motion to pass resolution (Authorizing Application Submission & Local Match Commitment) contingent upon receiving grant, Drew seconded. All ayes.

Ordinance on Fair Housing & Drug Free Workforce were addressed as well. Mark made motion to proceed under Suspension of Rule, Drew seconded. All ayes. Motion to pass Ordinance (first reading) was made by Mark being contingent upon receiving grant. Drew seconded. All ayes.

Second reading Of Ordinance was handled the same as before under Suspension of Rule by a motion from Drew and a second by Mark. All ayes. Second reading of Ordinance passed under the contingency of receiving grant by a motion from Mark and a second from Drew. All ayes.

New Business:


Clerk-Treasurer updated Council concerning procuring an additional appropriation. She was instructed to proceed with the addition in order to purchase new vehicle.

Drew moves to adjourn meeting and Mark Seconds. All ayes. Meeting adjourned


Town of Milan Special Meeting Minutes, October 26, 2020

Special meeting of the Milan Town Council was held on 10/26/20 at 6:30 pm at the Milan Town Hall. All Council members were present.

Debby called meeting to order. Mark made motion to accept John Ingram's resignation and pay out any eligible days/hours. Drew seconded motion. All ayes.

Holman Excavation bill was presented to Council concerning additional work . Decision was tabled until Nov. 4 by a motion from Mark and a second by Drew. All Ayes.

Ordinance complaint was presented to Council from Sandy Seibert. This was tabled until Nov. 9th meeting in order to discuss with Attorney Fledderman. Drew made motion and Mark seconded. All ayes.


Doug Price informed Council that Jeff Meinders will be representing the Town in all drinking water issues. Mr. Meinders will be signing all necessary submissions until our town employees receive their appropriate licenses. Mark made motion for accepting Mr. Meinders and Drew seconded. All ayes.

Harris Long asked Council if they would be filling the position vacated by Mr. Ingram and if so will it be posted? Council informed the people in attendance that the general laborer position will be filled first and then will look into filling the Town Manager position.

Margo Long asked why businesses in town couldn't be represented at Council meetings. Council informed her that they are always welcome to come and express any concerns.

Mark made motion to adjourn, Drew seconded. Meeting adjourned.

Executive meeting was continued following Special meeting on 10/26/20. All members present. This meeting was held to further discuss employee issues.

Executive meeting was held by the Milan Town Council on 11/4/2020 at 6:00 p.m. To discuss Town issues. All Council members present.

Special Meeting of the Milan Town Council was held 11/4/2020 immediately following the Executive Meeting. This meeting was held in the Milan Town Hall.

All Council members were present. Debby Shumate called meeting to order.

Drew Olman made motion to pay Holman bill and Mark Marsee seconded. All ayes. This is to again be paid out of River Boat funds.


Doug Price asked Council to accept delay by Globe Paving until spring. Mark made motion to accept and Drew seconded. All ayes.

It was brought to the attention of Council that there was a tree needing to be cut down in the park. Derf Tree gave an estimate of $150.00 to $175.00. Drew made motion to proceed and Mark sconded. This is to be paid out of Park funds.

Mark made motion to adjourn and Drew seconded. All ayes.

Meeting adjourned.