Town of Milan Monthly Meeting Minutes, May 12, 2014

Meeting called to order by Robert Branigan, council member, on Monday, May 12, 2014 at 6:35 p.m. All Town Council Members were present. All present joined in giving the Pledge of Allegiance.

Minutes of April 14, 2014 were read. There being no additions, corrections, or deletions to said minutes, they were approved.

Claims/Financials: After review of the utility bills presented, motion to accept and pay claims made by Robert Branigan, second by Matt Huffman. Motion carried. After review of the town bills presented, motion to accept and pay claims made by Matt Huffman, second by Robert Branigan. Motion carried. Matt Motions to pay the regional revenue claims, second by Branigan.

Town Manager’s Report: Same presented by John Ingram, Town Manager.

Town Marshall’s Report: Same presented by Gary Skaggs, Town Marshall

Milan Park Board Report: Park Board Absent from meeting.

Concerns/Comments from the public:

Todd Realy spoke to the board regarding a grant that the Milan School Corporation recently applied for. Realy stated that they are trying to get funding for a resource officer. They would need the resource officer to be affiliated with a police department. Milan School is asking the Town of Milan to provide affiliation. Robert Branigan requested a meeting be set up to discuss the details before anything was approved. He expressed many questions that would need to be addressed before the board could approve. Todd Realy stated he would relay the information and set up a meeting.

Katherine Tall from Ripley County Tourism requested the Milan Town Hall to be used for the 60th Anniversary celebration on June 21st, 2014. She stated they would have a band outside of the town hall. She requested that Carr Street be shut down between Catherine and Franklin Streets. She also stated there will be dinner at the reservation and a parade is possible. Skaggs requested two week notification if they have a parade. Katherine also wanted to voice appreciation for the town board and the townspeople for their help with last year’s event. Matt motioned to allow the requests, second by Branigan. Motion Carried.

Sally Gosmeyer inquired about the burnt house next to whistle stop. She wanted to know when it could be removed. She was informed that it was still in the insurance process.

Sally also inquired about a possible dollar general by the UCB. The board stated they had not heard anything about it.

Rita Ester inquired about the sink hole on Ellis Street. John stated they would not know for certain until they started construction.

Old Business:

Paul opens invoice from Burke Engineering. Paul moves to pay invoice, second by Branigan. Motion carries.

Paul informs town that Alex has been catching up on old taxes and the town is back in the right direction. Charlene the consultant will be down on May 22, 2014 to pick up old records.

Paul presents 2 options from Burke engineering. Alt 1: 1.4mil-2.33mil. Alt 2: 1.74 mil-2.63mil

New Business: Matthew Hountz Is out of training and eligible for a 1,000 dollar raise to his salary. Matt moves to amend salary ordinance # 12-19-13-R-1 for second deputy pay from 31,000 to 32,000

Matthew Huffman announces he is moving to Texas. His resignation letter is effective June 30. He wishes Milan well and says the town has potential.

Town Manager John Ingram states that the Trash Contract expires June 1st and rates will increase on your July bill.

Matt Moves to adjourn meeting, second by Robert Branigan.