Town of Milan Monthly Meeting Minutes, June 9, 2014

Meeting called to order by Paul Hildebrand, council President, on Monday, June 9, 2014 at 6:30 p.m. Matt Huffman absent from meeting. All present joined in giving the Pledge of Allegiance.

Minutes of May 12, 2014 were read. There being no additions, corrections, or deletions to said minutes, they were approved.

Claims/Financials: After review of the utility bills presented, motion to accept and pay claims made by Paul Hildebrand, second by Robert Branigan. Motion carried. After review of the town bills presented, motion to accept and pay claims made by Robert Branigan, second by Paul Hildebrand. Motion carried. Paul Motions to pay the regional revenue claims, second by Branigan.

Town Manager’s Report: Same presented by John Ingram, Town Manager.

Town Marshall’s Report: Same presented by Gary Skaggs, Town Marshall

Milan Park Board Report: Park Board Absent from meeting.

Concerns/Comments from the public:

Paul states that the Milan Park Board is trying to reestablish itself and it could use new members. Deanna Demott would like to volunteer for a spot on the park board.

Deanna Demott would like to voice concern about the sidewalks from Carr Street to Lakeside Dr. She states that students use the sidewalk to walk to and from school. She is concerned because the sidewalk is very narrow and there is a bridge with very little safety features. She would like to inquire who is in charge of the sidewalk and whether or not donations can be made to fix the sidewalk. Paul asks Larry Eaton to speak on the sidewalk. Larry Eaton states that the town is in charge of the sidewalk. Larry states that there are grants that can be written for safe routes to school. He also states the money could come out of the rainy day fund. Paul states that we keep that money for emergency uses. Sally states that Sunman received a grant and that she would look into grants and present at the next board meeting.

Deanna also would like to give the town praise for making the park look good with the new flowers.

Sally would like to advertise the board meetings on the Friday before by requesting UCB have the meeting posted on their board. Sally states that the more people attend the more helpful the meetings can be. Alex Volunteered to speak with Linda Meyer regarding this.

Gerrie Driggers would like the pothole at Ellis and Main to be fixed. John Ingram states they know about the hole and they are working with O’mara to have it fixed correctly.

Old Business: CSX was sent a new request for a meeting involving Randy Frye. DNR and OCRA to discuss funding with Milan. CSX was also contacted by the DNR about the Milan Dam Project.

Steve Callen has asked the town of milan to release the bond for roadwork. Paul motions to release the bond, second by Branigan. The town board asks Alex Poole to draft a letter for the insurance company.

Randy Broughton is selling property at Mill Road and 101 to a national retailer. They are requesting the land to be rezoned. The county has sent paperwork showing they support the rezoning. Paul moves to change from residential to LD. Zone map will need to show reclassification, second by Branigan. Paul moves to pass ordinance, second by Branigan.

New Business:

Amateur Sports Promotion would like the town to place an ad on the sports calendar. The Town Board has declined.

Alex Presents information for credit card processing for the utility companies. It is a 100 dollar onetime fee for the utilities that would be split 50- 50. Alex states that after the onetime fee the customer would pay a convenience fee to the company. For instance if the bill is $66.62 the convenience fee would make it $69.62. Paul Moves to pass Ordinance, second by Branigan.

Branigan would like to ask Larry about the squatters at 701 Wood St. Larry states nothing new but will continue to look into the matter.

Branigan would like to extend the terms for one year so that the election could be held in the general election year meaning the town would not have to pay for a special election.

300 Cathering Street has grass up to knees. Neighbor would like to mow it. Town asks Larry Eaton if that could harm the town. Larry states that the town cannot tell him not to mow the neighbors grass. Larry states he is going to see who owns the house.

Republican Party held a caucus and has appointed Melissa Baker to the vacant council member chair.

Robert Branigan has moved to adjourn, second by Paul Hildebrand.