Town of Milan Monthly Meeting Minutes, December 8, 2014

Meeting called to order by Paul Hildebrand, council President, on Monday December 8, 2014 at 6:30pm. All Present joined in giving the pledge of Allegiance. Melissa Baker Absent.

Minutes of November 10, 2014 were read. There being no correction to said minutes, they were approved.

Claims/Financials: After review of the utility bills presented, motion to accept and pay claims made by Paul Hildebrand, seconded by Robert Branigan. All Ayes Motion carried. After review of the town bills presented, motion to accept and pay claims made by Robert Branigan, seconded by Paul Hildebrand. Motion Carries with all ayes. Paul motions to pay the regional revenue claims, seconded by Branigan.

Town Manager’s Report: Same presented by John Ingram, Town Manager.

Town Marshall’s Report: Same presented by Gary Skaggs, Town Marshall.

Milan Park Board Report: No Park Board present.

Concerns/Comments from the public:

Sandy Siebert asks about tap fee. John informs that if there is a tap present then there is not a tap fee. The tap fee only exist when the town has to put a new tap in.

Old Business:

Paul states that we have finally reached an agreement with CSX over the dam. He believes that when all is said and done it will cost the town 100,000 or less. Larry has 4-5 easements to work on for the project.

701 Wood St appraisal is presented. Paul moves to have auction at next town meeting. Larry states he will send information to clerk’s office about how it needs to be advertised. Robert seconds.

Lifetime resources tabled until next meeting.

Alward still waiting for the hearing to be rescheduled.

New Business:

LC Insurance presents plan to hold Obamacare sign-ups at the town hall with approval. She states they would bring 5-6 computers and would aid people to sign up for insurance. Paul states he believed that the town hall should not be used to sell a service. Bob Seconds and LC insurance is denied. Paul states that they need to establish a policy for future issues.

Paul moves to adjourn meeting and Bob Seconds. Meeting adjourned.