Town of Milan Monthly Meeting Minutes, August 11, 2014

Meeting called to order by Paul Hildebrand, council President, on Monday August 11, 2014 at 6:30pm. All Present joined in giving the pledge of Allegiance.

Minutes of August 11, 2014 were read. There being a correction to said minutes, they were approved.

Claims/Financials: After review of the utility bills presented, motion to accept and pay claims made by Melissa Baker, seconded by Bob Branigan. Motion carried. After review of the town bills presented, motion to accept and pay claims made by Bob Branigan, seconded by Melissa Baker. Motion Carried. Branigan motions to pay the regional revenue claims, seconded by Baker.

Town Manager’s Report: Same presented by John Ingram, Town Manager.

Town Marshall’s Report: Same presented by Gary Skaggs, Town Marshall.

Milan Park Board Report: Same as presented by Yatzie Roysden. Yatzie would also like to mention there are putting on a fishing tournament on October 26th, 2014. It will be from 1:00 pm to 5:00 Pm and will cost $1.00 per pole. The proceeds will go to fund the fireworks for July 4th, 2015. Age groups are: 6and under, 10 and under, 15 and under. There will be a few prizes for biggest fish and most fish caught.

Concerns/Comments from the public:

John Dobson would like the concrete problem on Vine Street addressed. John feels they have been dealing with it for far too long. Ingram states that Mike Holman will be over to look at it this week and it should be a two day project. John Dobson requests the dates when we know so that he can arrange his cars so they are not trapped in his driveway.

Anita Pitts would like to follow up on the house across from the church that was addressed last month. Larry states he is still working on finding the owners. Ingram says that the letter he sent was returned.

Anita Pitts states that 1 year ago she complained about the bushes at the police station. She says they then pulled the bushes out and not it looks worse. This year she says the area is now overgrown with weeds. She says the town needs to clean up their properties in order for the community to want to clean theirs up. The town should lead by example. She also raises concern that community members have been picking up the park and the town has not removed the debris they have set out of it.

Gene Pitts would like to know an update of the patching and resurfacing that is supposed to be going on around town. Is the budget or manpower the problem? Ingram states we are down one employee due to budget. He also states they have been kept extremely busy by the grass. John said they will be trying to get patching done. Paul adds that we are waiting on consultant to see where we are as far as budget goes.

Sandy Siebert inquires about Water Accounts Receivable. Paul states that the water utility is running like normal for the most part.

Harris Long is requesting approval of a Crop Walk in town. The walk will be a 10K and should have about 100 participants. Harris presented a map and letter to mail to the board as well as the marshal and manager. Skaggs asks to try to plan an alternate route due to traffic on Carr Street. He offers to aid in rerouting.

Branigan motions to approve the walk pending Skaggs rerouting, Melissa seconds. All Ayes.

Randy Marksberry would like to go back to John Dobsons comments about the concrete on Vine St. Randy would first like to thank the town for the storm drain but really would like his front yard fixed. He states it has been two years and he is running out of patience. Paul states he will contact Mike Holman if it isn’t fixed in two weeks.

Sandy Siebert asks about a lift station just outside of town. She states it is a health issue. Ingram states that is doesn’t belong to the town.

Rita Ester asks about the building next to town hall. Larry states they can’t do anything until mid-September. Paul adds that all the exterior work must be done.

Old Business:

Paul states that the meeting with OCRA went well and the surveys have been submitted. They also spoke to CSX and discussed the issue. CSX appears to be willing to work with board at this point.

Yatzie Roysden presents two bids for the park restrooms. Melissa motions to approve $7500.00 from regional revenue sharing to fix the restrooms, Branigan seconds. All Ayes.

Yatzie states work should begin at the end of October.

New Business:

Alex Poole would like to look into Online Bill Payment options for the town utilities.

Branigan would like to thank the town for the cards and condolences for his father’s funeral.

Branigan motions to adjourn and Melissa seconds. All Ayes